About Climb Up

In our 11 years of service we have done it all.

The core purpose of adventure education is to provide children with a learning environment which brings out the best in them. Climb Up is an ISO certified adventure education-based research organization. At Climb Up we believe that an all-round positive growth is important for every individual and with the same thought we offer opportunities by creating leadership, life-skills, adventure and recreational programs that are aimed at physical as well as mental growth.

At Climb Up we design and customize adventure activities and outdoor challenges in safe surroundings and in wilderness for all age groups, belonging from all walks of life. Climb Up provides exceptional premier level of services to its clients, keeping safety, outdoor adventure and education in mind and therefore executes all its programs under certified, skilled, trained and experienced outdoor instructors.

It is due to the quality and safety of our programs offered at unbelievable prices that has earned us over



Your Child’s Protection & Safety Experts

Instructor Child Ratio

Separate Boy / Girl Tents

Certified Instructors

Doctor On Call

24hrs Standby Vehicle

Female Instructors

Security Guards for outdoor camps

Nearby Hospital

How It Empowers Your Child

Physical and mental well-being is the cornerstone of a wholesome development of children. Climb Up, is a complete power packed program which helps children in identifying their fear(s) or nervousness and prepares them to conquer it by turning them into thrill and excitement. Their logical reasoning, planning skills and experiential learning elevates to a whole new level, they learn about balance, cause and effect, practical application of physics and a lot more. Children at left with an overdose of confidence and new found abilities which were unexplored before experiencing Climb Up.


Sport is synonymous with discipline. It instils high level of obedience and dedication in your child. Since, humans aren’t conditioned to walk in a straight line, learning about the rules and regulations of adventure sports grows a disciplined, independent and sensible attitude of acceptance in them. Not only physical it also involves a creative psychologically influential workout, such as, quick decision-making, coping with anxiety, conquering fears, building heaps of concentration, boosting moral, predicting outcome etc., all this and much more helps your child in their overall growth. Another important aspect of what discipline does to your child is to help them become more intuitive thereby, help them transform their ability of exploring, discovering and connecting all what they learn at Climb Up to put it to practical use and  ltimately getting to Know Their Own Potential.


Two ways our camper and your child will develop: one as an individual and as part of a group. As individuals learn through top merit honours plus prize and by being challenged in role playing activities. These activities build heaps of self-confidence and ability to conquer their fears and boldly express themselves by accomplishing goals. As part of group, campers learn responsibility, lookout for other campers cooperation and leadership. Your
concern is that’s a lot to ask of a young camper but, that’s why Climb Up adventure camp is such a good exposure and experience. Our role as staff,
instructors, leaders is to ensure the group lasts the entire duration despite the ups and downs as well as other differences which is absolutely normal. We
appeal to all not to take shortcuts; as it cut short our campers and your child’s development.

Our Social Service Camp LeavesA Life Long ‘IMPACT’ On Life

It is our sincere endeavour and responsibility to leave a powerful impact by giving back to our nation and its citizens. Every year we creates Climb Up IMPACT Social Service Adventure Camp, exclusively for specially abled children to add to their learning also making them aquatinted with an exciting form of sport. Climb Up IMPACT is different because it is designed and developed with an attendee-centered approach that works no matter the physical and/or mental capabilities of these special children.

Year after year, it has become a mutual learning experience the more time we spend time with such immensely determined, strong and unstoppable children the more we realise they are no less stand on equal terms with all of us.

In the past, we had organized camps for 70 specially abled children from Air Force Golden Jubilee Subroto Park, Delhi at “Camp Sierra”. Our aim has always been to be intentional with their time, to improve their life through adventure sport, equip them to master themselves, plan better, assert effectively with their decisions, prepare them to conquer any challenge life has to offer and most importantly be tough to stand the test of time.

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