Thrill, fun,
Experiential Learning

The Programs in the camp site are conducted by certified trainers of climb up, a company with years of working experience with students from schools all over the country, having worked with prestigious educational institutions and parting trainers to high and defence recruits, climb Up has a unique set of expertise in this field, hence the carefully structured programs by climb up’s team are balanced with adventurous and also for challenge seekers but at the same time the programs are carried out by taking all the safety measured at all times. Camps Sierra program encapsulates a day loaded with activities which not only pump-in adrenalin but also boosts confidence, self-dependence, co-operation and socialization which will offer formal and informal experiential and meaningful learning objectives.

CAMP SIERRA is a got to destination for a day-long fun, thrill, adventure and learning. Located in Central Delhi the campsite is very well connected with all the roadways. Camp Sierra is infused with many activities and an environment that has different variants of an outdoor camp such as a nature camp, an adventure camp, an outdoor recreational rural camp, which is just perfect for family fun, corporate day out and a school day-long fun filled adventure picnic. Camp Sierra has everything to keep you hooked from healthy food to thrilling adventure along with endless activities.

Itinerary : 08:00 AM – 05:30 PM

Breakfast – 09:15 AM :
Aloo Ki Sabji & Puri, Butter & Jam Sandwich, Halwa, One Fruit, Chocolate

Energy break :
Aloo Bonda Lemonade/Butter milk

Lunch :
Rajma, Mutter Paneer, Aloo Gobhi, Jeera Rice, Chapati, Salad, Pickle, Papad, Gulab Jamun, Boondi Raita.

Evening Snack :
Chowmien & Soft Drinks

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