I have successfully reached the summit of Six 8000m and above peaks out of the total 14 in the world. I am the Youngest in the World to do so and my vision is to be the youngest in the world to summit all 14 of them.

The Youngest Person to Summit SIX out of the total 14, (8000m) and above mountains in the World. Youngest Indian to climb Mt. Everest in 2010.

The Youngest in the World to summit Mt. Lhotse (2011) and Mt. Manaslu (2011).

The Youngest Indian to summit Mt. Cho Oyu (2016) and Mt. Makalu (2016).

Successfully reached the summit of Mt. Kangchenjunga in 2018.

Chasing the vision to be The Youngest Person in the World and The Only Indian to scale all 14 8000m and above mountains in the World.

Naveen Arya

Represented As Directorate of NCC At The Republic Day Parade And The Prime Minister Rally. Graduated With ‘A’ Grade From Route Setting Course. Qualified Coach By IMF And The Coach Of The North Zone Team.

2005 – Received President Award In NCC
2006 – 2008 : 3 Times North Zone Champion.
2016 – Volunteered For IFSC World Cup Bouldering
2017 – Represented India As Coach In Asian Youth Championship Held In Singapore (10 June – 2 July).
2011 – Completed Basic Mountainteering Course.
2013 – Completed Advanced Mountainteering Course.
2015 – Completed Search And Rescue Mountainteering Course.
2006 – 2009 : Appointed As The IMF Instructor.

Amit Sharma

Strategist | Business Developer | Planner And Trainer For The Team International Judge In Sport Climbing Bouldering Competition 2016-2017 | Scuba Diver | Skydiver | Certified Mountaineer

2019 – Appointed As The Jury President For All India Bouldering Competition.
2018 – Appointed As The Coach for Indian Sport Climbing Team for Asian Games (Indonesia).
2018 – 9 Times The Judge For National Sport Climbing Championship & All India Competition.
2017 – Present : Appointed as a Course Director by National Adventure Foundation Delhi/NCR Chapter.
2016 – 2017 : Judge For IFSC World Cup 2016 Bouldering In Mumbai
2015 – Faculty For Drafting & Designing 1st National Belayer Course Organised By IMF.
2014-15 & 17 : Jury President For North Zone Sport Climbing Championship.
2014 – Completed Scuba Diving Course from PADI.
2011 – Present : Treasurer of Delhi Sport Climbing Association.
2010 – Graduated From Basic Sky diving Course From Indian Parachuting Federation.
2008 – Present : Member of North Zone Sport Climbing Committee.
2008 – 2009 : Appointed As The Coach of North Zone Sport Climbing Team.
2007 – Appointed As The Coach of J&K climbing Team.
2005 – Completed Basic Mountaineering Course. Graduated With ‘A’ Grade From Indian Mountaineering Foundation. Qualified Coach By IMF And North Zone Team

Chandan Kumar

Sales & Event Director
Certified Climber & Hacker
B. Sc. IT Graduate

2019 – Graduated From Wilderness Advanced First Aid Course.
2019 – Completed Judges Course In Sport Climbing.
2018 – Appointed As The Judge For State Level Sport Climbing Competition.
2017 – Appointed As The Judge For InterSchool Sport Climbing Competition.
2014 – 2015 : Judge For North Zone Sport Climbing Competition.
2010 – Present : Devising Sales Strategy Route Map For Climb Up
2006 – 2009 : R&D For Climbing Harness. Certified By Shri Ram Lab In North Campus, New Delhi.
2005 – Completed Search & Rescue Course.
2004 – Completed Advanced Rock Climbing Course From RSMI.
2003 – Completed Introductory Rock Climbing Course From RSMI.

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